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Test or Investigation Results

Management of Patient Results

Information for Patients.

If your doctor or nurse has ordered a test or investigation at your consultation there should be a plan discussed with you as to how these will be followed up. This would be by an arranged consultation or other follow-up communication.

Results of these tests are reviewed and interpreted by the doctor or nurse as they become available.

It is important to note that both normal and abnormal results may have significance in relation to your history. If the doctor or nurse decide they are of significance, you will be contacted by phone, text message or email. The time frame and follow-on care can then be arranged.

You may be asked to return for a further consultation, for further tests or to continue to monitor your own progress.

If you wish to know your investigation results or if you continue to be concerned about your health, you, as the patient retain the right and responsibility to initiate further contact with the practice team.