Mon - Fri: 8am – 5pm
1 Herbert Street, Invercargill


  • + Children

    At the east end of the waiting room are some toys and books especially for the younger children. We welcome all child carers (Mothers, Fathers and others) to use these but ask that they be returned to the basket prior to your departure.

    Carers are asked to keep children from straying down the corridors unsupervised.

  • + Antenatal Care

    Pregnant Mothers requiring antenatal care need to contact the hospital antenatal clinic or ask for a list of midwives available.

  • + Support Persons

    All patients have the right to have one or more support persons of his or her choice present at appointments. However this may be restricted if safety could be compromised or other patients rights might be unreasonably infringed. A chaperone will be provided by the practice in the case of intimate examinations.

  • + Cell Phones

    We appreciate that you may need to be in contact with others while at the practice but we ask that your cell phones or other mobile device is put on silent or turned off during your consultation. If you wish to record your consultation this can only be done after discussion and with the consent of the doctor or nurse.

  • + Wheelchair Access and Facilities

    There are wheelchair facilities at the Medical Centre.

    A Disabled toilet facility is available for your use just off the east entrance. A key for this is available from reception. (It has been kept locked to prevent any unauthorized use by the persons not associated with the Medical Centre.)

    A wheel chair is available on request to help with mobility to and from the car park.

    If you require a taxi please ask our friendly staff to have one ordered.

    If you should have any special needs that would enhance your experience by Waihopai Health Services we are very happy to hear from you and consider your suggestions.

  • + Car parking

    Car parking facilities are provided for your use while attending the Medical Centre.

    Disabled Car parks are available at the East side of the Centre.

  • + Translation Services

    If English is not your preferred language of choice please let us know and we would be happy to initiate this service for you.

  • + Repeat Prescriptions

    If phoning for a prescription, please do so before 11.00 am. If issued, at the doctors discretion, without a consultation, these will be available after 11am the following day. There is a fee for repeat prescriptions that should be paid for when the prescription is picked up. There is a higher fee for faxed prescriptions. An invoice will be issued for this service.

    If your Doctor has in consultation with you agreed to provide a repeat prescription be sure to phone for this at least a week prior to your medications running out.

  • + Second Opinions

    If for whatever reason you wish a second opinion about the treatment you have been provided we are happy to facilitate this for you. If you find this difficult then please ask either our nurses or receptionist or put it in writing. If we are uncertain with your progress we may wish to refer you for further opinion to the appropriate specialist or other health care provider.

  • + Appointments

    We endeavour to run on time. To help us achieve this we ask you to arrive on time for your appointment.

    On arrival please report to the receptionist.

    If you are late you may be required to make another appointment.

    On departure please report to the receptionist to make payment of your account and make a further appointment if required.

    A Standard Consultation is for fifteen minutes.

    If you have a complex problem or several problems, please be sure to ask for an extended consultation.

    Some consultations may unexpectedly take extra time and the Medical Staff may ask that a further consultation be made to deal with non-acute problems that cannot safely be dealt within the appointed time.

    If for whatever reason your Doctor or nurse is running late you may be contacted to make an appointment at a different time to prevent you having an undue wait.

  • + Missed Appointments

    Missed appointments or cancellations within half an hour of your scheduled time, a fee will be charged. Each case will be considered on its merits.

    Our receptionist will follow up all missed appointments.