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Cell Phones and Audiovisual Recording of Consultations

We appreciate that you may need to be in contact with others while at the practice but we ask that your cell phones or other mobile device is put on silent or turned off during your consultation. If you wish to record your consultation this can only be done after discussion and with the consent of the doctor or nurse.

Audio Visual Recording of Consultations

The recording of medical consultations is becoming a more frequent occurrence.

If you wish to record your consultation we ask that you discuss this with your Doctor or Nurse and seek their consent.

Waihopai Health Services is pleased to assist patients and their support persons to better understand their medical conditions and recognize that recordings of the medical consultation may help in treatment and management considerations being discussed.

The covert or secret recordings of a medical consultation would be seen as a breach of the trusting relationship that must exist between the patient and the Doctor or Nurse.

Any recordings whether of an audio or video nature, taken without the consent of the Doctor or Nurse would be regarded as a breach of that trust. Consequently, Waihopai Health Services would reserve the right to end the relationship between the parties. This means the patient’s enrolment with Waihopai Health Services would be ended and all further medical care would have to be sought from another Health Care Provider.

Occasionally our doctors may ask for your consent to record consultations for their ongoing professional development. There are strict rules that apply to this process and would be explained at the time consent was being asked of you.